About Kirstie

I was raised on a steady diet of long walks, strong tea, fires and books, conversation and music. I'm curious about everything that makes the world hum, and the fascinating people, animals, and plants that inhabit it. Most of all I love to run after the Creator and pester Him and ask Him questions and work side by side with Him and bask in being His beloved daughter and delight in how He revealed Himself though Jesus Christ. I love to see people through His eyes and what He loves about them.

This website is a bit of anything and everything, from chemistry to homeschooling to birds and politics. I hope to encourage and educate and start conversations as I share the clickety-clack of my brain that does seem to leap from one passion and idea to the next rather quickly.

Kirstie MacLeod is a pen name as well as performing alias to protect the privacy of my family. Generally, real names will not be used except for more journalistic pieces. I have a fine husband and several children that I am extremely devoted to, as well as a most excellent black lab who frustrates and entertains us in equal parts.We live in Glen Caochlan*, in the great eastern decididous woods of the United States bordering North Carolina and the Western Isles of Scotland.

I also write regularly on parenting matters at Mommy Medicine, so hop over and have a look there!

*Means Swift rill or rivulet in Scottish-Gaelic. Also an assumed place name, if you hadn't guessed.

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