Monday, March 19, 2018

The Truth About Me and You

My fingers speak better than my mouth
So they will speak.
My mind clacks away all day long
Thinking, thinking, but I cannot tell you what with my lips
Without stumbling, without fear.
And your questions! that seem to me to ask
Who are you to think such thoughts?
Prove your words, cite your references
Or do not speak at all!
And then I am silent, burning with shame
Quiet without, tumult within
Accusation and condemnation do not cease
Until I rest my head on the chest of my Maker
And hot tears stain His robe.
I know He is for me and not against me
But you, I do not know you
And your disdain, your own pain
Create a gulf of Alone
Between you and me.

Who is "you?"
It is all of you, the ones I love, the ones I have just met, some of the time, not all the time. It is the world I live in, the one my mind projects and overlays onto the world when my landscape is being remade, the granite weathered, the glacier inching over my rocky plain.

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